Male Guide to Female Communication

The best way to have a successful relationship is through communication. It is on it that great friendship and relationship thrives. However, when you are dealing with the opposite sex, we tend to assume that we are expert in communication. The bottom line here is that men and women communicate differently and that is basically one of the things that distinguish a man from a woman. In this article, I’m going to shed some light on how a man can communicate effectively with the opposite sex.

1: Men be an active listeners

Some men say some things that may seem less important to women, but they are actually important to them. It is better a lady tells you what is on her mind because she is telling you for a reason. With that out of the way, be patient while listening; it’s important if you want to have a beautiful conversation. I once meet a lady in Corpus Christi, South Texas, and on our first date, she was blown away by the fact that I gave her a listening ear and undivided attention all throughout the conversion.

2: Ask her how her day was

When you have had a long hectic day, all that readily comes to your mind is to first and foremost, sit on the couch, put on the game, open a bottle of beer. Women too have long days and they want to ease off as much as men do. However, most women would rather prefer to call or talk to you in person when they get home so they can engage you in a discussion about their day. Women feel really great when asked this kind of questions.

3: Know how and what to say

Most times when a woman tells you about the issues bothering her, she intends to organize her thought as she speaks. When a woman speaks about something, she may not necessarily be looking for a solution, but she just wants somebody to understand her feelings. Give a listening ear to her as she rants about issues bothering her.

If you truly want to win a woman’s heart in a relationship, pay attention to her and you will surely see the results soon after. Give it a try and you will be amazed at what you get.